Security Assessment

Performing security assessment for companies of all sizes.  Pre and Post reports generated.

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Penetration Test

Physical, external network, and internal network penetration test.  1-3 week engagements.

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Incident Response

Completions of cyber investigations and remediation of cyber incidents.  Breach investigation, data loss, & reconfiguration of systems

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Security On Demand

Setting up security should not be a burden.  It should work seamlessly with all aspects of your business.  At FlatBlack Security we specialize in building secure infrastructure within your companies budget.

Our start to finish approach of building security has guided us in every step of the process.  Working with Manufacturing, Software, Chemical, E-Commerce, Financial, Healthcare, & Service related businesses has given FlatBlack Security a wide ranging understanding of security issues that come up in these industries.

If you company is brand new or established and you are in need of Cyber Security related services contact us so we can get started securing your environment.



Next Steps...

Contact us to schedule an assessment, penetration test, or forensic investigation.